Friday, November 17, 2017

First Christmas Cookie And Ornament

Got my first snowman cookie
at Starbucks.  I love these!

It was a foggy morning,
and then it rained.
This tree was in the parking lot
of Old Navy.
It was striking with its orange leaves.
I started my Christmas shopping.
I may or may not have bought
something for Jess.  ; )
I bought my first ornament
for the season.
Charlie Brown reminds me of my
brother, John.
He loves the Christmas movie.
Have a very nice weekend.

Tuesday, November 14, 2017

The Women In My Family

Me and Nel were talking recently, and she said to me, "all the women in our family have had really difficult times in life."  The only words I could respond back to her were, "you're right."  The women in my family have had to overcome tragedies, hardships, and personal trials.  The 90 year old woman you see here is my aunt, the matriarch of the family, and she lost her daughter and two of her grandchildren in a tragic automobile accident many years ago.  My niece, Katie, lost her father and brother in the course of a year, yet she still manages to crack a joke, and makes her aunt laugh from time to time.  She has been a light in my world.  The women in my family are pioneers, who received this gift of perseverance from their own mothers.  The women in my family are amazing.....and I'm glad to be a part of them.
"She loved too much,
and you could see it in her eyes:
where she kept all
the hearts she put ahead of hers."
Each of these women have had their own personal life struggles, and we may be different in the way we deal and handle each bitter moment that is thrown our way, but the one way we are alike, and far greater than all the ways we are that we still smile.  : )
You saw the oldest woman in my family,
and this is the youngest.  ; )

Sunday, November 12, 2017

Just Because

I've had a bad cold and sore throat, and now it's an awful cough, so I've just been trying to get over that.  I took garlic tables, and feeling better.  I'll leave you with a few pictures in this month of November, just because.

There is still lots of color
in nature around here.

It rained for a few days!
My son made Jambalaya
one night.
He likes to cook sometimes,
and wants to make it
for his sisters for Christmas.
I don't see much gold
in the trees this season,
so I love this one.
My neighbor's tree is
soooo pretty.
A big lavender bush at the
rose garden.
I found this mini tree at
Target for the baby's room.
(Jess will show you the nursery soon).
One of Nel's favorite
things to do is
chalkboard drawing.
I'd like to get a BIG
chalkboard for the holidays.
Any ideas where I can find one?
I love you,
well, you know that. ;)

Thursday, November 9, 2017

Items For Sale

After mass a couple weeks ago, there was a long table set up outside and a woman was selling items from her homeland, Bethlehem.  There were many carved statues, crosses, and even some jewelry.  The woman was telling me that in her area there are only 2% Christian right now, and she is trying to raise money to help build the church and keep it going.   I thought, "to have something from Bethlehem would be so special."  My friend, Anne, was with me and wanted to buy me something.  She said I could pick anything I'd like.   Now, these items were expensive, cause the wood was hand carved, so I went back and forth trying to choose my favorite one.  I saw a statue that was beautiful and another one that I couldn't decide on.  This one was $70, and the other was $30.  Anne told me to get them both.  She spent $100 on me that day - can you imagine?   This one is mine, and the other I will give the baby as a Christmas present.

Look at all the detail in the wood.
Now, I have something from Bethlehem
that I will treasure forever.

Monday, November 6, 2017

I Know A Girl

We all drove to Jess' area.
There was lots to do.
I had my first piece of
pumpkin pie
this season at a local café.
It was so good with my coffee.
She just lives 5 minutes
from the ocean,
so we had to make a stop there.
Saw pretty flowers.
We washed, dried, and hung up
all the baby clothes.
Jess got the cutest clothes
at her shower
from family, friends.
Jess' mother-in-law and I
went to the gift shop.
I bought the baby a
ceramic box
with a pink Rosary,
and she found this.
We waited anxiously...
and a precious little one
was born to the world.
Say hello to
Jessica and Brian's baby,
There's an old saying,
"a bundle of joy."
As I was singing to her in
the rocking chair,
I was truly filled with 
wonder and joy. 
Jess and Brian
are going to be good parents.
I can tell already. ;)


Thursday, November 2, 2017

Something Special Coming Soon...

Lots of activity around here lately... 
We'll be sharing some good news soon!

~ Sheri, Jess, and Nel

Tuesday, October 31, 2017


Pumpkin carved and lit with a big melty candle...

This jack-o-lantern is purrr-fectly scary!

Spooky snacks prepared...

A festive take on Mom's famous 7-layer bean dip

Candy for the little ghosts and goblins that come knocking...

Some of my favorite Halloween candies growing up

It's time to...

Happy Halloween!

~ Nel